Data scientists are Not Magicians

Just give data to the data scientists and they’ll figure out all your problems. A big misconception!

While it’s true that data scientists are experts in the field, they cannot simply find all the answers merely through data. They definitely require more information and what is that?

Data Scientists require Domain knowledge of the company.

Yes, folks! “Domain Knowledge”.

If you are expecting AutoML, or auto machine learning of any service, be it Microsoft, Google or AWS to automatically provide you the right answers, well! that’s not going to happen.

It is highly important for a data scientist to know the domain knowledge of that particular company that has hired them to conduct a data project.

Data scientists need to know, what exactly are you looking for?

You need to know what exactly it is, that you want from the project. Once data scientist knows what’s in your head regarding the outcome of the project, only then he can actually solve the problem and find your desired solution. Makes sense, right?

Data is your Crystal Ball but only when you ask the right questions.

Young man gazing at the glowing crystal ball. Predicting the future. Crystal gazing. Magic.

Ask the right questions and get the right answers that are powerful, beneficial and extremely profitable for your business. Once you have these answers, you will realize the importance of them and will try finding even more answers to help your business even more. Isn’t that amazing?

So, folks, this is the right approach to data science, creating a data strategy and having a data program within your company or within your group.

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