Custom Timesheets App For Carnell Group


Carnell Group

Carnell Group provides specialist maintenance and support services for the UK’s highway infrastructure to ensure safety and efficiency.

ML Sense

Analysed Data and created a Data Strategy for Carnell Group

Identifying the Problem

Missing Data

One major point where data kept leaking and not getting collected was their timesheets system

Accounting Errors

Over £200,000 were not getting accounted for properly due to usage of badly implemented excel sheets

These two issues were a must fix to ensure the safety and security of Carnell Group data, business operations, and overall company stability.

Finding the Solution


We created architecture and design brief for the timesheets app


We fully developed and implemented the custom Timesheets app

With our data strategy and implementation of that strategy, Carnell Group now saves £2.4 million every year.

“We made sure that the data strategy we create for Carnell Group not just helps them achieve their main goal but also saves them money in the long run”


Million Every Year

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