• J.P Morgan is the largest, most diversified financial services company in history and has been expanding internationally for over a century.

  • They carry out trades on more than 100 global markets around the world with offices located across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin American regions to cover every angle of finance needs.

ML Sense created and automated the creation of Spinnaker for JPMC Bank

What is Spinnaker?

A Powerful Platform!

  • Spinnaker is a powerful platform that allows developers to release software changes with confidence.

  • It supports multiple cloud providers and an array of technologies, making it perfect for any team looking to optimize its deployment process.

Why Spinnaker?

  • Continuous Integration
  • Monitoring Integration.
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) for Setup and Admin.
  • Deployment Strategies.
  • Notification on Email, Slack, Hipchat or SMS.
    Role-Based Access Control.
  • Easy creation and modification of deployment pipelines using virtual interface.
  • The configuration of pipelines for deployment infrastructure instead of managing resources manually.

ML Sense deployed spinnaker internally for JPMC!

  • Spinnaker was set up so that the bank’s internal security concerns are all addressed.
  • Spinnaker allowed teams at JPMC to work more efficiently and deploy more regularly and with ease.
  • Spinnaker met the security requirements of the business while also helping dev and devops teams to release software more often.

Results Summary

Better Internal Security

Improved work efficiency

Faster Software Release

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