Logging Platform for Lloyds Bank


Lloyds Banking Group

  • A financial services group focused on retail and commercial customers in the UK.
  • Helping businesses and individuals while making a positive contribution to the communities where they operate.

What Are the Effects of Flooding in the UK?

This logging platform was used to monitor the following for business- critical apps:




This Set-up was done through GCP StackDriver or GCP Logging

What is Stackdriver?

Stackdriver provides a centralized method of receiving signals, logs, metrics, and traces from your Google Cloud Platform resources

There is an alert on the cloud?
StackDriver will keep you informed!

How does Stackdriver monitor the following:


Stackdriver defines over a thousand metric types that help you monitor GCP, AWS, and third-party software.


Stackdriver Error Reporting aggregates and displays errors produced in your running cloud services.


Stackdriver Debugger is a feature of Google Cloud Platform that lets you inspect the state of an application, at any code location, without stopping or slowing down the running app.

Impact on LBG Team

The creation of this logging platform was automated which means that LBG teams can create as many instances of the logs they need.
This logging platform helps HBG team to raise alerts for all errors, over-usage and under-usage of cloud resources and monitor the health of their systems.
The raised alerts are sent to people responsible for handling those alerts.

Impact on LBG Team

This system has allowed teams at LBG to develop and release software without fear of any unreported errors or bugs.
This not only helps the developers be more productive but also allows for a sense of security with regard to potential defects that might go unnoticed, which in turn leads both business stakeholders and development staff feel confident about their work’s quality.

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