• The Ordnance Survey is a government agency that employs geospatial experts to collect, maintain, and distribute detailed location information for Great Britain.

  • They have an archive of 500 million features in their master map, which they constantly update with new data collected from satellites.


helped Ordnance Survey deliver PSGA (Public Sector Geospatial Agreement)

Public Sector Geospatial Agreement

The UK’s Ordnance survey offers a Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) to public sector organizations who need access to data and services. PSGA enables them to “receive cartographic, analytical and geodetic information from OS in digital formats.

MLSense provided solution through General Data Engineering and DevOps

General Data Engineering

Data engineering is the art of transforming data from its raw form to a more usable one, whether that be in terms of size or accessibility.


Devops aims to shorten the systems development life cycle, provide continuous stream of high quality updates automatically after they’re done on your computer or mobile device using industry-leading practices.

How it was done?

Efficient data pipelines were established to ensure cloud services can be used to their fullest potential.
We used many cloud-native features so that we can cater to scalability needs. This helps us grow without worrying about technology constraints like limited IT resources, hardware failures and more as the demands of our users keep growing.
All data pipelines were created using code. This allowed us to create as many instances as we need. It also meant we can trace who created which pipeline when.
By building all of the infrastructure for data pipelines in software, we were able to create an infinitely scalable system that can handle changing demand.

Impact on Ordnance Survey

A scalable system-helping them to meet the growing demand.

With the new code-driven data pipelines, Ordnance Survey can create many instances and sets of specific tools that they need for their work.

Enabling Traceability

They also know who created each pipeline from start to finish–making it easier than ever before to track down any problems or errors in a system quickly.

Pratical and Cost-effective Solution!

We made sure all our decisions were practical and cost-effective.

We’ve been working with the best providers in every industry to find out about new technologies, so we can create creative solutions that will stand apart from other companies but not break your budget!

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