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Data Engineering

Data engineering is the practice of applying software engineering principles to data. We use data engineering to gather and bring all the necessary data from many different places to a single place.


Data DevOps or DataOps is the practice of applying DevOps to data. This usually means creating the infrastructure required for data-intensive applications on the cloud.

Data Governance

At its core, data governance is about making sure that your enterprise data is accurate, accessible, and compliant with any applicable regulations. But effective data governance does much more than that.

Data Strategy

Want to do data at your company but not sure how to start. We can help. We can help you create a data strategy on which data projects you ought to tackle first, how much to spend on them and what benefits you’re likely to see from doing data projects in terms of savings, profits and new streams of revenue.

AI Strategy

The first and most important step in developing a successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy. By understanding your specific goals and objectives, you can begin to identify which AI technologies will best help you achieve them. At ML Sense, we specialise in helping businesses like yours harness the power of AI to drive new revenue and create lasting competitive advantages.

Artificial Intelligence Development

When it comes to making your business smarter, nothing compares to artificial intelligence. At its core, artificial intelligence is all about making computers think and learn like humans. This helps companies automate tasks, make better decisions, find hidden low-hanging fruits, create savings, reduce manual labour, and create new revenue streams.

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