Should You Take a Proof of Concept to Production? Yes

“Do I prefer to engineer solution to the highest standard before its deployed for customers to test or do I prefer to take proof of concept to production?”

This is a question that has been asked from me multiple times.

Let me tell you, I prefer both, with that being said, I’m not trying to please both types of people. End of the day it really depends on the context.

So, what’s the context?

Let’s say it’s a startup and we have to come up with a solution quickly so we can scale quickly and start making a profit. The answer to this quick proposition is simply: Proof of concept can be taken to production. It’s that simple.

Considering it’s a startup, it is understood that we have to cut some corners on extremely high engineering standards. We have to evaluate which engineering standards are crucial for us so we can just work on those for the time being.

High engineering standards are not always important for start ups

Once we start making some profit, we can go back and fill the gaps we had left initially. We must make sure the product is ready for scale, ready to meet clients’ demands, does not cost crazy money, security is tight and everything is as automated as possible.

Let’s be honest, in a startup environment, a company doesn’t have a lot of money. It’s burning through cash, mainly paying engineer’s salaries. Therefore, it makes sense for engineers to deliver a product with fewer higher engineering standards such as tight security and scalability.

When Facebook started, it did not have high engineering standards, but today, of course it does.

Facebook was once a startup and leave the high engineering standards aside, they didn’t even know how to make money from their business. Today, they have such high engineering standards that they are releasing new open-source technologies themselves. That’s incredible!

Hence, I definitely recommend taking proof of concept to production for startups

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