Should You Use The Latest Tech?

New technology is costly for small to medium-sized businesses.

The latest technology or new technology comes with a high cost, especially if you are a small to medium-sized business.

In the early stages of a new technology, be it a language a framework, a piece of software or a library of code, it does not have much support. It probably also does not have good documentation as well. So why fall for it and not use the other tested ones?

If you are a small-medium enterprise, make Stack Flow your best friend.

Why would you choose to become the guinea pig of whether this technology works or not for your small to medium business, when there are bigger companies out there to do the honours.

Big companies can actually go and try new technologies themselves first, and actually spend the money in creating the documentation and creating the use cases and creating all the help that actually exists on Stack Overflow.

New technology is simply too buggy.

When new technology comes fresh out of the press, it’s simply too buggy and even if you have support for that technology, it may not be enough.

Let’s say you are using Microsoft, latest Microsoft technology. It is likely that even Microsoft may not be able to help you if your case is not what Microsoft had thought of. This situation is quite common, hence they would themselves recommend you to use a technology that is more established. Being in the industry, I have seen that happen.

Go Not as big as Python, Node.js, Java or C#

Another great example is Golang or Go language by Google. No doubt, It’s great, but, it’s still not there yet. It’s still not as big as Python, Node.js, Java or C#. And that’s because they don’t have a big pool of developers supporting the product. It doesn’t become big enough, which is an issue for that technology to be utilized in small to medium-sized companies.

Outsourcing is not a good idea.

If you are planning on outsourcing the project, it’s definitely not a good idea. For instance, if you outsource that project to Ukraine or India, even they may not have used that technology.

Developers for new technology are expensive.

Let’s say, one of the developers in your team started working and created a new project in that language. Suddenly, he left. Now what? Rest of the developers in your team have no idea what this technology is, therefore, they would have to rewrite that software which is another cost.

A. You’re spending more time writing

B. If you want to continue using that language, then you might have to hire someone at a high cost.

Either way, you bear the high cost of new technology.

Therefore, use technology that is well established.

It has a lot of usage, a lot of users and a lot of help and the documentation is also good.

Moreover, there’s not one source for documentation, in fact, there are many sources and even YouTube videos demonstrating how to do certain things. This helps small to medium-sized businesses, like yours, quickly iterate and produce great results.

If you need help with understanding which technology to use, which technology is more practical for your needs, we can help. 

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