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We Provide Data Strategy, Data Engineering & Other Data Services
  • We help companies execute data projects practically

  • We create Data Strategies for cost effective data projects that save you money


We Also Provide Managed Services For Data

Data Strategy

Data Strategy is a scoping out and problem defining step. It also involves creating a roadmap of how a project should get executed. What steps should be taken to maximise savings and profits.

Data Strategy is the one step you must do before embarking on a data project. Otherwise you’re likely to lose money and you won’t even know how much you’re losing and where, all in the name of data. We can help navigate the journey on how to work with your technical data team and get them to deliver maximum savings and profits.

  • Data Strategy is important for both small and large businesses
  • Our goal is to maximise savings and profits of your business

Data Engineering

Data Engineering is often misunderstood as Data Science. Data Engineering is essentially software engineering applied to data, often big data.

We can help with Data Engineering. We can help you create your data platform. Reach out to us with your problem.
  • Data Engineering is required for all data problems.
  • Data Engineering often involves the use of the cloud.
  • Data Engineering often solves most business problems that involve data

Dev Ops

Managed Data Services are the recurring data needs that need sorting out on a regular bases. This could be making sure you are receiving data regularly and if something breaks, we fix it.

We can also manage and maintain your data pipelines. We can also setup new data sources and then maintain those data sources for you. 

This package is specially attractive for teams who do not want to manage the DevOps or DataOps themselves and want to just get on with the data engineering work.
  • Managed Services For Data can be for small to large companies. 
  • If you wish to concentrate on data engineering and outsource DataOps, get in touch with us.
  • We offer the 90% uptime guarantee for your data pipelines.


Let us help you build your data strategy and save you millions


Discover how you can save money using data

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Solutions for medium-sized to large businesses

There are various low-hanging fruits within the sphere of data analysis. We first help you maximise your savings by showing where your money is being spent and where you can be cutting costs. We then, help you maximise your profits by creating new streams of revenue. 

Reach your next milestone with data

We can make your business data-driven. We can make your decision makers more data oriented. We can help you create your data strategy. We can help you implement your data projects. 

We can provide Data Consultants

We can provide you with data consultants. We can help you see which aspect of your business needs data analysis and which aspect will produce savings and profits.

Our commitment is your success

Our goal is to make you at least 10x more money than you spend on us. 

Our goal is to make you super-charged with using your data to solve your business problems.

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